Drive the transformation and improve the operational efficiency of SAP IS

With 350 expert employees, PASàPAS-KPF Group covers all challenges related to its clients’ IS.

We assist our clients in managing their current solution and in transforming their IS and their business. We are long-term partners.



Cover all stakes related to your SAP IS

We provide our clients with full management of their SAP stakes via our 3 solutions:

• SAP outsourcing

• SAP projects

• SAP maintenance & support

Deliver a premium service level

We are committed to delivering a premium service level thanks to our consultants’ expertise and the long-term and close partnership that we build with our clients.











300active clients








People at the core of everything

Our management model promotes the well-being of employees and implements a mellow work environment.

Our consultants are experts, able to assist our clients in their transformation stakes, we grant twice more training resources than the required minimum (2017 figures).

The Group is known as a “Great place to Work". Our turnover is much lower than what is found on the market (less than 3% in 2018 compared to an average of 20% for the sector’s companies).

43% of the group's capital belongs to employees.

For our clients, it is the guarantee of loyal, committed employees and reliable and long-lasting relationships.



Being "SAP Centric"

We manage all SAP businesses and solutions, directly or via our partners network.

We are also a SAP Gold Partner and one of the largest SAP Added Value Resellers in France. We keep close relationships with the editor allowing us to work on some solutions before their launching on the market.

For our clients, it is the guarantee of providing them with a global answer focusing on their stakes and making them benefit from SAP innovations if necessary.

The PASàPAS team in Lille

Propose a different approach to transformation

We capitalize on each experience to create adaptable and reusable solutions. Our goal is to prepare our clients’ future challenges. Combining a technological and business approach allows us to provide our clients with a full management of their needs.

For our clients,  it is the guarantee of a global answer to their IT or business stakes and in line with their needs.





43%of the capital held by employees






23%of the profits distributed








Build a project for the future

In 2017, PASàPAS built its business plan by 2025.

We share the belief that human beings and exchanges are at the heart of organizations’ transformation and that collective intelligence may be a driving force behind this evolution.

So we have built our project and involved everyone in the company: we have defined the challenges to be faced by the Group and the way to get there.

We named this project the "K9", under the name of the mountain that we want to climb together. We are currently at the base camp and are planning a rope party climb.


Download the map of "Target K9"

 Ambitious goals

The goals that we have set are to grow from 350 expert employees and 45 million € turnover to 1,500 employees and 200 million € turnover.

We have defined our roadmap:

We want to go on building an independent and international group.

We want to offer our clients a premium offer to transform their information system and business, based on evolution and continuous innovation.

We want to continue our policy of recruiting talents from different backgrounds with social skills consistent with our values.


 Remain true to ourselves

We will reach our K9 with the state of mind that has led the Group so far, we are and will remain a human company.

We will trek towards the K9 in rope teams: climbing in rope teams means that we need each other; it requires respect and humbleness; it requires a welcoming and listening attitude, a state of mind that must fill our relationships with each other and with our clients.

Being and remaining a Premium company is what will make us grow! Being Premium is not only having great values; it is above all applying them every day; that's the way we embody the values ​​that define us: excellence, transparency, sharing, respect.

Video : discover our differences


The French leading partner for SAP journeys    +44(0)203 865 0562



We will reach our K9 with the state of mind that has led the Group so far, we are and will remain a human company.

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