Offer broad opportunities

We mainly hire functional and technical consultants, and SAP system administrators with project and/or maintenance experience. Our teams mainly consist of experts and are spread all over France, in particular in our agencies (Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Bernay, Toulouse, Bordeaux) and internationally.


Prefer a personality, not just abilities

At PASàPAS, the consultants’ personality means almost as much as their technical skills. We have decided to place the human being at the core of everything that we do. We are looking for personalities with social skills that are consistent with our values. We most often choose candidates for what they are rather than for what they know.


Offer real and attractive benefits

Our management model gives you the opportunity to work on exciting topics and be happy doing it. First and foremost, our Team Leaders are the leaders of a team of 10 to 15 individuals and they keep an operational role and a business contribution within the company. Our management style is based on trust, empowerment and room for error.


To contact the HR department :

The group’s benefits:

> Fully supported family mutual fund.

> Meal vouchers supported up to 60%.

> Shareholding open to employees, 43% of the capital belong to employees.

> 23% of the company's profits redistributed.

> Premises allowing work per shared competency.

> Proper balance between private and professional life.

> Continuing education.





in France






<5% of resignations






Open shareholding



Our recruitment is based on the assessment of technical skills but also and in particular on the evaluation of candidates’ deep personality.

Technical skills: we are looking for experts, ready to assist clients in their business challenges and SAP IS, and with a curious mind in order to always be at the forefront of expertise.

Personality: We are looking for employees willing to get involved, ready to work as a team and help each other.


Our process is simple and fast:

- an interview led by HR to get to know the candidate and introduce the group,

- an "operational" interview led by a Team Leader to assess the candidate's business skills.

Usually, these 2 interviews are done simultaneously.


At PASàPAS, we are committed to giving feedback on your application.


We ensure that we show respect to all candidates:

- Whether the answer be positive or negative, we give an answer to the candidate we met within max. 10 days,

- If the candidate has not been selected, the recruitment officer gives him/her a feedback to explain the reasons for our choice and highlight his/her assets and areas for improvement.

Each future employee is followed throughout his career within the Group.


Each new employee is really expected by the entire team: he/she follows a continued integration process. The day of his/her arrival, the newcomer is welcomed by his/her peer mentor, his/her Team Leader and the recruitment officer, with a welcome breakfast. We walk around the offices together to introduce him/her to everyone.


Throughout the day, he/she will have:

- All HR information

- Computer equipment and a recent smartphone

- Training for internal tools

We are part of a permanent evolution process and use newcomers’ inputs to develop our integration model.

Our colleagues are the best ones to talk about it!

Teamwork at PASàPAS



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